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Always reliable and professional

Richard Vella Excavations & Landscaping Pty Ltd has your entire excavation needs covered, offering excellent quality and reliable service.

We specialise in anything from general bobcat and tipper requirements including site cleans, rubbish/dirt removal, excavating and levelling sites for driveways, slabs.

Landscape preparation and laying turf, plants, to drilling pier holes, digging trenches and retaining walls.

Domestic & Commercial

earth moving contractor excavating residential area

At Richard Vella Excavations & Landscaping Pty Ltd, we have earth moving contractors that specialise in residential work and other work in built-up areas. We have state of the art, precision equipment and machinery that is specifically designed to do tough work in small spaces. If you need earth moved for landscaping, land clearing, pools, driveways or any other project, contact our friendly local team.

Equipment & Machinery Hire

industrial excavation

When you need industrial strength earth moving and excavating, you need Richard Vella Excavations & Landscaping Pty Ltd. Our team is highly trained and experienced in working on industrial sites. We have expertise in contaminated site remediation, land clearing, roads and more. For a professional approach and highly skilled operators, contact us today!


excavating equipment

We have your landscaping needs covered whether it is and existing home or new home we speciallise in retaining walls, paving, plants, laying turf.

If you need trenches, aggline, pier holes new concrete or fencing we can quote on all your needs.